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A nine-day intensive artist residency on the Mysteries of art in energy vibrating Athens & Elefsina European Capital of Culture 2023

The Athens residency includes intensive workshops in storytelling, performance and video, and promotes the artists’ work through presentation, catalogue and participation in video festivals. The physical residency follows an online introduction to the significance of Greek heritage for contemporary artists.

Applications can be submitted until  5 November 2023

The Road To Elefsina aims at expanding the artists' spectrum of cultural experiences, and offer insight into the beginnings of civilization. The learning program enhances artists’ understanding of how art and poetry may have a soothing effect on human agonies.

The residency, workshop and presentation project addresses visual artists, designers, crafters, jewelry makers, ceramists, performers, photographers, filmmakers and art theorists who wish to dive into the Greek myth of death and resurrection. The myth of Persephone also highlights the mother and daughter bonding, and the challenges of growing up.


  • 9 days/8 nights accommodation in downtown Athens
  • Guided tours and open air workshops in Athens and Elefsina
  • Workshops & e-workshop on the history and mythology of Elefsina + narrative and storytelling + concept and storyboard + video art and photography
  • Concept, idea and design of objects; performance practice; video script and shooting
  • Promotion & publication of the participants' work in SMCK Magazine For Independent Artists
  • Video presentation for SMCK On Reel 2024 at Schmuck - Jewelry Week of Munich 2024
  • Jewelry and small objects online sales
  • The residency project will be documented on FaveLAB Athens and KLIMT02 website.

Individual and customized workshops in Greece

Through our online platform Leave Your Crisis in Greece, we also offer customized trips and workshops in Athens and on the Peloponnese. For more information, please visit:

  >>> Leave Your Crisis in Greece.