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FaveLAB is an interdisciplinary platform and a creative lab based in Athens, Greece.

Our artist residencies, workshops, lectures, networking meetings and exhibition projects address international artists, designers, curators and writers who work - or wish to enrich their knowledge - in the field of visual art, performance, film, art in public space, contemporary jewellery art, textile art, literature.

FaveLAB also focuses on the urban dynamics of Athens, a SE metropolis in the epicenter of social and cultural shifts, and aims at making their significance understandable to the art community and the broader public. Experimental art work, alternative presentations, socially integrative art and design approaches, strong communication campaigns are FaveLAB's main characteristics.

FaveLAB ambitions to promote cultural exchange between the Greek and international art scene and to establish a dialogue between the public, cultural agents, designers and urbanists.

FaveLAB offers artists, designers, art theorists, urbanists and art lovers space and expertise, guiding them to enjoy the rich cultural tradition of Athens and assisting them to develop ideas and concepts, realize and present them in situ.

Individual artists, groups or institutions are eligible for our programmes.


FaveLAb provides living and working space, access to local art networks and institutions, expertise and resources allowing Artists in Residence to work on their concepts undisturbed and assisted by specialists or study new techniques while living in Athens like locals.

The Artist in Residence program aims at stimulating contact and dialogue between Artists in Residence, local players and institutions.

In cooperation with the Artists in Residence, FaveLAB ensures the communication and presentation of the work developed in situ. Shows and presentations take place either in the FaveLAb 200 m2 premises in down town Athens or at a selected art venue or institution.

FaveLAb supports all formats - exhibition, action, art in public space, performance, screening, etc. - after considering the space requirements and technical possibilities. FaveLAb's communication campaigns reach the international and local press and raise public awareness through the social media and a mailing list of approximately 3.000 subscribers.


FaveLAB cooperates with institutional partners and private enterprises.

We have cooperated (as ZLR Betriebsimperium) with partners like Umweltbundesamt (Federal Agency for the Environment) Dessau/Berlin, Bauhaus Foundation Dessau, Goethe Institut Athen, Altes Museum Berlin, Thikwa Werkstatt für Theater und Kunst Berlin, Munich Jewellery Week, Sieraad Jewellery Art Fair Amsterdam, Grassi Museum Leipzig, General Consulate of Greece in Hamburg and Munich, STEG Entwicklungsquartier Altona-Altstadt Hamburg and Onassis Benefit Foundation Athens.