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Sônia Lopes Soares + Mercedes Searer


intro Photo: "Dancing on their Glittering Mirrors", Vitor Hirtsch

PERFORMANCE:  8 + 9 March 2019

Using documented stories of intimate personal interactions on the border between private and public space, choreographer and performer duo Sônia Lopes Soares and Mercedes Searer (Brazil, USA) will explore the concepts of intimacy and passion, combining reality with fiction, and the extraordinary with the terrestrial.

What happens to the body when it is touched gently, violently or otherwise? With their performance project "Public Intimate", questions will be answered around how the body reacts, what state it enters and how this effects and creates movement and sensation in different environments.

The collaboration between the two dance artists Soares and Searer, who have been collaborating in various dance performances in NYC, involves a process of intensive research in movement, text, voice, space, humor, images and scenic expression.

During their ONE+ONE residency in Athens, Soares and Searer plan to create "real" movement in situations that are actually happening in public and private spaces at that moment, in resonance and dialogue with different audiences. The ONE+ONE residency will also offer Soares and Searer the opportunity to research about movement language and dramaturgy of Greek figuration and theatre.

The performance project "Public Intimate" will take place in Filoi Podilatou (Thissio) and in Victoria Square Project in Athens.

-> Sônia Lopes Soares
-> Mercedes Searer

PERFORMANCE I:  Friday 8 March,  20.30 (!)
PLACE:  Filoi Podilatou, Eptachalkou 3, Athina (Thissio)     >>> Show location

PERFORMANCE II:  Saturday 9 March,  16.00 (!)
PLACE:  Victoria Square Project,  Î•lpidos 13,  Athens (Victoria)     >>> Show location

Download the e-invitation (PDF)

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Documentation: Christoph Ziegler