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"From there to here"

intro Photo: Ayako Mino / Lena Dewaegenaere

20 - 22 February 2020

Lena Dewaegenaere (Belgium) and Ayako Mino (Japan) have never met before. After having spent two creative weeks together in the One+One FaveLAB AIR programme, they present new works inspired by their experience in Athens and Greece.

Lena Dewaegenaere works with the media painting and documentary film. Her art practice focuses on people and how they relate to a certain place or moment in time.
Ayako Mino combines drawing, installation and video works. In her work, mythology is the archetype of every story and human relation.

For Lena Dewaegenaere, "a reoccurring theme in my work is the search for the place where you belong and the challenges inherent in that journey. I am interested in working on how the same situation is differently interpreted by each individual; on how two people may see the same situation in a different way and how our point of view determines what we experience and how we experience it".

Ayako Mino states: "While Hölderlin, in 19th century, was dreaming of ancient Greece in his ivory tower, people are longing for the healing bright sun when they face depressing problems, which have no solutions. Japanese mythology has many kinds of gods, but they reflect the Japanese’s climate, which is associated to darkness and dampness.
On the other hand, Greek gods have hot passions and emotions which could reflect the climate of Greece. Old myths have been influenced by the people’s characters, which also have been influenced by the climate of the region".

In their ONE+ONE exhibition "From there to here", Ayako Mino and Lena Dewaegenaere present paintings, drawings, poetry and a video work.


OPENING:  Thursday 20 February 2020,  3 p.m.
EXHIBITION:  Fri. 21 + Sat. 22 February,  12 - 7 p.m.

PLACE:  Efi Kazantzi Gallery, Agiou Dimitriou 30, 10554 Athens (Psirri) *     >>> Show location

* Thanks to Efi Kazantzi Alternative Crafts Gallery for hosting the show !!

Download the e-invitation (PDF)

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Documentation: Christoph Ziegler